Specialty Programs

The RCHI offers treatment for various special problems in collaboration with other specialists.

    • GUCH Clinic: GUCH (Grown-up Congenital Heart) defects is a very specialized branch that deals with congenital heart problems in young adults. Our specialists address their issues and provide treatment. Cardio-pulmonary assessment, premarital and preconception counselling, occupational counselling and provides domiciliary services to the needy.
    • Heart Failure and Pulmonary Hypertension Clinic: End stage heart disease needs multidisciplinary treatment by specialized heart team. The team at RCHI provides weekly clinic to cater treatment to heart failure and pulmonary hypertension in children and adults.
    • Childhood Obesity and Hypertension Clinic: This specialized clinic is unique in India to deal with the problems of obesity, hypertension and related issues in children and adolescents in the present modern era. Assessment of the problems and management of these issues will be done by the team.
    • Cardiac Screening for Sports and Athletes: This unique program works to encourage parents to put children in appropriate sports. A comprehensive assessment includes, cardiac screening, cardio-pulmonary assessment and counselling to go for various sports and games will be done.
    • Cardiac Genetics and Screening of High-risk Family: This monthly clinic offers genetic work-up of congenital heart defects and family history of sudden cardiac death to look for myocardial disease and cardiac channelopathies.