These solid tips are guaranteed to make your decision-making process a whole lot easier

Finding out that your child has a heart condition can be upsetting. But the silver lining is that with advances in technology, many congenital heart defects can be treated and managed with timely intervention. If you’ve been scouring the web for pediatric cardiac facilities for your child’s heart problem, knowing what to look for can help you narrow down your search. Here are some things to keep in mind when looking for the best cardiac care hospital for your child.

  1. Educate yourself about your child’s heart problem

It’s important to arm yourself with information about your child’s condition so that you can make an educated decision about what treatments to pursue. Speak to specialists about what to expect, treatment programs to consider, expected recovery care protocols and possible risks involved. Also, understand the likely outcomes of treatment. 

  1. Gather first-hand experiences

Parents of children with heart conditions can come as kindred spirits. Ask them about their own experiences, hospitals they would recommend, what treatments they have sought and any advice they might have for you. Knowing that someone has been in a similar place can inspire a sense of comfort.

  1. Look at ratings

Considering ratings of hospitals can be the best way to compare your choices under an objective lens. Learn why certain hospitals have been rated better than others and what special benefits they can offer your child. Look at the past outcomes of these hospitals to get a view of their volumes, infection rates and surgical success rates.

  1. Consider the expertise of specialists

Heart treatments and surgeries are typically underpinned by a team of subspecialists, including pediatric cardiac care specialists, pediatric cardiac anesthesiologists and pediatric cardiologists. The caliber of your child’s specialists holds a mirror to the likely treatment outcome. Noteworthy heart hospitals usually boast a handpicked team of heart specialists—something worth noting in your list of criteria.

  1. Be open to short-term movement

The best pediatric heart hospital for your child may not be nearby, or even in the same city. If the same level of care is not available near you, it’s worth reflecting on whether traveling to another city for treatment is in your child’s larger interest. 

  1. Find out about post-treatment care

Research shows that hospital care extended post-treatment (immediately after and in the years that follow) can bolster your child to recovery and ensure a positive long-term treatment outcome. Find out whether your hospital offers home assistance programs and neurodevelopmental monitoring during the recovery phase. These can have a tremendous impact on your child’s developmental well-being.

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