Ever wondered what tools the top pediatric cardiologists have up their sleeve? Find out here

The lead up to your first pediatric cardiology appointment can be nerve-wracking, setting your mind racing at a million miles an hour. What will the doctor find? Will your child put up with the tests? How long will it take? What tools will the doctor use to ascertain a diagnosis? 

If you’re scheduled to meet a pediatric cardiologist and don’t know what to expect, trust this guide to give you the insights you need. Here, we’ve compiled the 5 most frequently used tests by the top pediatric cardiologists in Hyderabad, right here at Rainbow Children’s Heart Institute.

  1. Chest x-ray

Your pediatric cardiologist might recommend a chest x-ray as a way to ascertain signs indicative of heart failure. Some signs include an enlarged heart, blood in the lungs and congestion. Other heart conditions that cause symptoms such as blockages in the arteries and heart are also identifiable via x-rays.

  1. Pulse oximetry

During a pulse oximetry, your pediatric cardiologist  will mount a sensor on your child’s finger to measure the oxygen levels in their blood. Low oxygen levels, in turn, can be indicative of a heart defect.

  1. Cardiac catheterization

This routine is especially of help when trying to find constricted or blocked arteries. It involves the passage of a fine, lightweight tube, called a catheter, through a blood vessel and into the heart.

  1. Echocardiogram

As an ultrasound tool, an echocardiogram helps visualize your child’s heart through pictorial imagery. It is effective during the prenatal stage, in detecting congenital heart defects and other cardiac physical and structural abnormalities. 

  1. Electrocardiogram 

This technology involves the placement of electrodes on your child’s chest to measure the rhythm and pace of the heartbeat by capturing its electrical activity. It is helpful in spotlighting heart defects that impact the heart rhythm.

Taking heart in Rainbow Children’s Heart Institute

Caring for your child’s heart is a road you should take with a trusted medical team in tow. If you’re not sure about what tests your child will need, or how these tests can help your child, ask your pediatric cardiologist to take you into confidence before you decide on a definitive treatment plan. At Rainbow Children’s Heart Institute, we’re home to the most acclaimed pediatric cardiologists in Hyderabad. Learn more about our pediatric heart treatments by visiting our website or scheduling a consultation with a pediatric cardiologist at our center. 

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