Make sure your child is in the right hands with these 6 winning tips

Finding the right pediatric cardiac surgeon for your child can be daunting, especially when you have a trooper who insists on belting out a cacophony of wails every time you set foot inside a doctor’s cabin. But settling on the right pediatric cardiac surgeon can be life-changing for your child, shining a light on possible long-term treatments. 

Today, modern technologies have made it possible to address heart problems better than ever before. While some heart defects can be managed through ongoing treatment, some can even be surgically corrected. Due to the delicate nature of heart treatment and surgery, it’s important that you choose your pediatric heart specialist carefully. If you’re unsure about what to consider, these check boxes should help make your decision easier.

  1. Create a shortlist

To decide on a doctor, it’s a good idea to start out with a broad shortlist. Consider a surgeon’s experience, the hospitals they have previously worked at, awards they have won, their association memberships, and their accreditations, if any. By creating a pool of shortlisted specialists, you can be objective in your evaluation.

  1. Learn about your child’s condition

Understand your child’s condition in detail if you haven’t already. This will help you learn how to broach the conversation with your child’s pediatric cardiac surgeon. If you are unsure about specific medical terms or outcomes related to the condition, ask your specialist to explain them in detail. This can be a beneficial exercise to assess which doctor communicates most clearly and empathetically, and resonates with you best.

  1. Ascertain your child’s comfort level 

Observe how a specialist interacts with your child and how your child responds. Children are very sensitive to auras and can instantly sense calm. A specialist who inspires your child to feel comfortable and relaxed can be an asset to your child.

  1. Evaluate the hospital 

While your specialist’s demeanor and bedside manner might ultimately govern your decision, it’s equally important to take stock of the hospital they are associated with. Pediatric cardiac surgeons are usually anchored to specific facilities and it’s important to run a check on the concerned hospital’s capabilities, outcomes, service and infrastructure.

  1. Speak to fellow parents 

Fellow parents of children with heart conditions can provide valuable advice on questions to ask, criteria to evaluate, hospitals to consider and more. They can also offer their support as you navigate this untrodden path.

  1. Consider family-centered facilities 

A cardiac treatment program for your child will likely impact your entire family. Whether that means one parent staying away from home, siblings temporarily separated, or the whole family moving to another city, consider whether your hospital has a family-centered program to make the transition easier. 

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