Always leave your child’s pediatric cardiology appointment with unasked questions on your lips? This guide has you sorted

Whether your child experiences the occasional heart flutter, has been diagnosed with a heart condition, or is in the thick of a line of treatment, a visit to a pediatric cardiologist can entail a volley of dizzying questions. And even after a thousand-and-one questions asked, you can still wind up leaving your child’s heart hospital with a few on your lips. 

If that sounds all too familiar, here’s a list you ought to keep handy.

Questions to ask your pediatric cardiologist

  1. Why is this treatment right for my child?
  2. What are the steps this treatment will entail?
  3. What differentiating technology does your center have to support my child’s diagnosis and treatment?
  4. What are the risks attached to this treatment?
  5. What are the advantages of this treatment?
  6. Are there any alternatives to this treatment? If so, why have they been disregarded?
  7. How will this treatment affect my child’s quality of life?
  8. What can we do to counterbalance the side effects of the treatment?
  9. Does my child require a hospital stay? If so, for how long?
  10. Can I be involved in my child’s hospital rehabilitation post-treatment?
  11. Do you have a hospital-to-home bridge program that can help me learn to care for my child at home after the hospital stay?
  12. Can you provide a hospital tour that can help us get better acquainted?
  13. What are the follow-up protocols once the treatment is over? How regularly are we expected to visit the hospital?
  14. Is this the final treatment or surgery, or is it part of a multi-step roster?
  15. Can we expect any special, child-friendly treatment and care?

Taking heart in Rainbow Children’s Heart Institute

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