If ‘child heart problem symptoms’ is your most Googled search term, this guide is for you

A breathless baby. A toddler who routinely clutches his chest. An older child whose heart races faster than he can fathom. All, the indelible hallmarks of child heart problem symptoms.

As a parent, dealing with a child with palpitations can be stressful and disorienting. But with the right information, you can spot symptoms early and get your child the help they need.

Pediatric arrhythmia: Things to know

  • A child with a history of heart disease may be more susceptible to arrhythmias
  • Arrhythmias can also occur in children without any prior known diseases 
  • Increased heartbeats that give rise to palpitations can also be influenced by non-heart-related factors, such as anemia, fever and low blood sugar
  • If your child complains of palpitations, a racing heart or sporadic heartbeats, or appears under the weather, consult your pediatric cardiologist and seek immediate medical assistance  

Pediatric arrhythmia: How to be an active parent

If you are planning to seek a medical opinion for your child, or already have a specialist assessment underway, it’s important to maintain a log of episodes to make it easier for your pediatric cardiologist to ascertain the best line of treatment for your child. 

Here are some notes you should record:

  • The date of the first observed arrhythmia episode
  • The frequency and duration of such episodes 
  • Any classic triggers, like illness or exercise, that typically prompt such episodes
  • The starting and ending pattern of such episodes; do they ease in and ease out slowly, or do they appear and disappear suddenly?
  • Any special measures that seem to ease or arrest symptoms
  • Any other symptoms that seem to coincide with the arrhythmia, like dizziness, breathlessness or lightheadedness

Taking heart in Rainbow Children’s Heart Institute

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